Franchisee website

UX design & direction

McDonald's franchisee website

The brief

McDonald's wanted to reach a broader audience traditionally associated with franchising as well as increase the quality of candidates applying.

McDonald's Franchisee

The audience

Through research we identifed four distinct franchisee profiles.


Small business owner

Spent a number of years building up a retail/service business.


Business leaver

Had a successful career in business and reached the point where they wanted to work for themselves.


Second careerist

Already come to the end of their previous work life.


Previous franchisee

Previously owned a franchise with a smaller brand.

User needs

From our research we identified that potential franchisees wanted more information up front and more stories they could relate to.

Venn diagram: business goals & user needs

Journey mapping

We broke down the user journey into three distinct phases:

  1. Exploring the market
  2. I want to know more
  3. Committed to applying

The positioning of the site content was based on each stage of the user journey.

Card sort

Information architecture

We identified franchisee stories that would appeal to our distinct audiences and created unique landing pages for each. As well as providing more relevant content this also gave us the opportunity to directly target these groups.



To ensure information was easy to find we performed tree tests on the architecture and user tested early prototypes.

We also had to consider how to best use the modular templates from the global McDonald's site.



Subtle tints of the McDonald's colour palette to give the site its unique look and showing the franchisees in a natural way helped appeal to a wider audience.

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